What Makes A Lawn Mower Amazing?

At Eagle Power Turf and Tractor, we know that purchasing a mower is a long-term investment in the beauty of your home. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of models and options to choose from, but we also know that all of those options can be overwhelming!

We asked our expert Sales Team to help us figure out what gives a lawn mower that extra edge and help you begin the process of figuring out what your unique lawn requires. Today, we want to go through some of our favorite self-propelled and riding mower options to help you decide what makes a lawn mower worth the dough, and which one should be your autumn investment. Continue reading

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Small Engine Care Tips

So, you’ve finally made the purchase that’s going to make your lawn care dreams come true – that brand-new lawn mower, trimmer, or maybe a chain saw. You shopped around and found the perfect addition to your garage, and we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Here are a few tips to keep your small engines running in tip-top shape: Continue reading

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Need a Kubota Dealer? We’re Here for You!

If you’re searching for new farm equipment, or even for a new residential mower, Kubota may be the brand for you! Durable and strong, Kubota equipment is designed to last as long as you need it. Fortunately, Eagle Power Turf & Tractor proudly stocks a wide variety of the best Kubota equipment available on the market today.

Located in Doylestown, PA, we’re happy to supply Kubota equipment for several counties across three states, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia, New Castle, and Cecil counties. Continue reading

Economy vs. Utility Tractors: Which Is Right for Your Farm?

Tractors are the quintessential farm tool – versatile and strong, your tractor defines your farm. At Eagle Power Turf & Tractor, we recognize that not every tractor is right for every farm. That’s why we’re sure to provide tractors of all shapes and sizes for any farm, large or small.

We love each and every tractor that we stock; this is not a comparison to determine which style is better or worse. We simply want to outline the benefits of each tractor to help you best identify which Kubota product will serve you and your farm for years to come. Continue reading

Mobile Generators: Choosing Which is Right for your Job

Choosing the right mobile generator for your job can be a challenge. There are so many different generators from which you can choose – how can you be sure which will be the most cost-efficient, yet still get the job done?

Fortunately, we know a few good tips to ensure that you’re getting the absolute best equipment for your job while still being cost and energy efficient. As your local equipment supplier, trust us at Eagle Power Turf & Tractor to help you find the perfect generator for your project! Continue reading

5 Benefits of a Zero-Turn Mower

Daylight savings time is officially a go – spring is finally here! Soon enough, it’ll be time to start mowing your lawn again, and what better way to kick off the season than with a brand-new zero-turn mower?

First of all – what’s a zero-turn mower? A zero-turn mower is a lawn mower that has a turning radius of zero. The secret to the zero-turn capabilities lies in the independent wheel motors, which allow the mower to turn on a dime. Now, here are five reasons why zero-turn motors are the ideal choice for any home or commercial property! Continue reading

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Get Your Tractor Ready for Spring!

We know the weather is a bit unsure of itself right now, but spring is definitely around the corner. You know what that means – it’s time to start getting your equipment ready for the season! Your tractor has been sitting in storage for months, while its parts weathered the cold without budging an inch.

Now it’s heating up, and your tractor will need some maintenance before taking on the daunting task of prepping your farm for harvest. Here are some standard maintenance items that should be performed before you even turn the key. Continue reading

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Dreaming of Spring: Service Your Mower Now!

We don’t know about you, but we’re already thinking ahead to spring – the beautiful flowers, lush green lawns, and freshly plowed fields are calling our name! With that in mind, we encourage you to start thinking ahead to spring equipment care before they become necessary.

Your mower has been sitting in the cold (and potentially wet) all winter; it needs some TLC before you can hop back on for the new year of work. Here are a few key points to which you should attend before tackling the new year! Continue reading

How to Keep Your Equipment Running Like New

When it comes to running a farm, your equipment is like your backbone. Without the use of your machines, your business would suffer greatly. However, equipment is expensive; any equipment you buy should be maintained properly so it lasts as long as possible!

Today, we want to compile a list of ways to keep your equipment in tip-top shape through easy regular maintenance. Remembering these steps will greatly reduce the number of equipment failures you experience, and keep you from having to prematurely purchase new equipment. Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts of Snow Removal

Winter is fast approaching this year; undoubtedly, you’ve already begun hearing about (or seeing) snowfall in your area. Snow, while pretty, can be hazardous when you’re trying to navigate through it on the road or remove it from your driveway.

Today, all of us at Eagle Power Turf & Tractor wanted to compile a list of do’s and don’ts to safely remove snow from your driveway or street and still enjoy the winter weather! Continue reading