5 Reasons to Choose Electric Push Mowers over Gas Mowers

Electric push mowers work like their gas-engine counterparts, with an engine, drive pulley, and spinning blade working together to cut your grass according to the height determined by your deck-level adjustments. Battery-powered lawn mowers are one of the best choices for yard maintenance, especially for those who wish to find more environmentally friendly ways to care for their properties.

Among residential homeowners, battery-operated push mowers are becoming an increasingly popular choice over gas mowers and for good reason. In fact, we can give you five good reasons to choose an electric push mower over a gas mower. Continue reading

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2020

Father’s Day is June 21 and we want to help you find the perfect gift to make it a memorable one for all the fixer, farmer, family-hero dads out there!

These Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas will show Dad how much you appreciate his hard work and make it easier for him to get it all done.

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And since we also appreciate your hard-working dads, we’re offering 0% financing for 84 months on Kubota Tractor Corporation equipment.

If these five gift ideas still leave you wondering what to get Dad, we suggest an Eagle Power Turf & Tractor Gift Certificate. You get to show dad your appreciation and he gets to choose the exact equipment, model, and brand he wants. He’ll thank you for his new mower, equipment parts, service, and more!                                                            Call and Order

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Avant Makes Tree and Stump Removal a Breeze

We’re all about multi-functional equipment that goes beyond single-use and offers our customers efficiency and versatility. That’s why the Avant loader line is such a great option for arborists, grounds maintenance pros, and anyone hoping to get a bunch of different jobs done around their property using one machine and their choice of attachments.

This small, agile loader and its lineup of quick-change attachments can perform tree removal, stump removal and grinding, auger work, materials handling, snow removal, hedge trimming, and more. Yet with all its power, an Avant loader won’t leave heavy “footprints” on your turf or surrounding landscape. Continue reading

STIHL Chainsaws – All Bite, No Bark

If you love landscaping, you probably have a chainsaw. Is it looking a little worse for wear? Eagle Power Turf & Tractor is your local Doylestown hotspot for a great new chainsaw to start your spring off right.

Here at Eagle Turf & Tractor, we’re not huge fans of the cold winter months. Sure, snow plow attachments for your truck are fun, but we’re looking forward to pulling out the spring gardening tools and getting down to business!

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Which Kubota Mower is Right for Your Lawn?

These cold, dark winter months are a great time to start daydreaming about warmer weather – we can’t wait for spring, and neither can our Kubota mowers! They’re itching to get out and do some work after a long winter away; which one would be a perfect match for your lawn?

Today, Kubota is getting the center spotlight as we lay out their various tractors and mowers designed to ease your lawn-mowing burden. From lawn tractors to zero-turn mowers, Kubota has something for everyone in their lawn care collection.

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Winter Lawn Care – Get Perfect Spring Lawn BEFORE Spring!

As winter rolls around once again, we tend to think less about lawn care and more about snow removal. However, most people don’t realize that winter is the time to set yourself up for a beautiful lawn come springtime. Follow these easy steps for a luscious green lawn when the snow melts away!

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Snow Removal – The Nitty-Gritty of the Cold & Fluffy

The snowy season is upon us – just a few short weeks separates us from the first week of winter. Soon enough, we’ll be breaking out the snowplows, shovels, blowers, and salt to (hopefully) keep the upper hand over pesky Mother Nature.

This year, Eagle Power Turf & Tractor wants to give you the inside scoop on beating the bad weather with a few tried-and-true snow removal methods, plus a few experts, top-secret tips that’ll have your neighbors green with envy. Continue reading

What Makes A Lawn Mower Amazing?

At Eagle Power Turf and Tractor, we know that purchasing a mower is a long-term investment in the beauty of your home. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of models and options to choose from, but we also know that all of those options can be overwhelming!

We asked our expert Sales Team to help us figure out what gives a lawnmower that extra edge and help you begin the process of figuring out what your unique lawn requires. Today, we want to go through some of our favorite self-propelled and riding mower options to help you decide what makes a lawnmower worth the dough, and which one should be your autumn investment. Continue reading

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Small Engine Care Tips

So, you’ve finally made the purchase that’s going to make your lawn care dreams come true – that brand-new lawnmower, trimmer, or maybe a chain saw. You shopped around and found the perfect addition to your garage, and we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your investment. Here are a few tips to keep your small engines running in tip-top shape: Continue reading

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Need a Kubota Dealer? We’re Here for You!

If you’re searching for new farm equipment, or even for a new residential mower, Kubota may be the brand for you! Durable and strong, Kubota equipment is designed to last as long as you need it. Fortunately, Eagle Power Turf & Tractor proudly stocks a wide variety of the best Kubota equipment available on the market today.

Located in Doylestown, PA, we’re happy to supply Kubota equipment for several counties across three states, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia, New Castle, and Cecil counties. Continue reading