Black BOSS Plow truck with an V XT plow

Find Your Perfect BOSS Snowplow

BOSS Snowplows has been developing world-class snow and ice removal equipment for nearly three decades, and Eagle Power Turf and Tractor is happy to offer their wide range of equipment to our customers.

Now that winter weather is just around the corner, it’s a good time to check out our BOSS Snowplow selection in detail. BOSS Snowplows offers nine different models, and here are brief descriptions of each:

DXT PlowsThe durable, fully featured BOSS DXTs are the ultimate tools to fight all things snow and ice. Dual-trip design enhances plow protection when striking obstacles in any position and optional Hardox cutting edges offer extended wear resistance. This snowplow has flared wings, a multi-position plow blade that quickly and easily swaps positions, a chainless hydraulic cylinder lifting system, built-in curb guards and more. There are seven different options of specifications, so you can find the perfect DXT snowplow for your job.

EXT PlowsThe newest creation in the BOSS line, the EXT is incredible. Starting at 8 feet and with the ability to expand to 10 feet, the BOSS EXT is a great addition to any snow removal team. Other features include a chainless hydraulic lift, enclosed hydraulics, and standard curb guards.

Heavy-Duty PlowsWhen you think standard snowplows, you may picture something similar to BOSS’s heavy-duty plows, but we have to tell you they’re anything but standard. Perfect for larger, municipal-grade plows, BOSS Heavy-Duty Plows feature reinforced moldboard, enclosed hydraulics, cast-iron plow shoes, and dual shock absorbers.

HTX PlowsIf you’re a contractor or homeowner with a light-duty or half-ton truck, and want to find the perfect plow for your ride, the BOSS HTX plow is what you’re looking for. Available in mild steel, stainless steel or poly, these plows feature enclosed hydraulics, reinforced moldboard, and chainless hydraulic lift. The HTX also comes in an HTX-V series for those who prefer a V-plow.

Standard-Duty PlowsThe 7’6” standard-duty steel BOSS Plow offers a baked-on powder-coat paint finish and zinc primer, which is great for corrosion resistance. As with many BOSS Snowplows, this model features a chainless hydraulic lift, enclosed hydraulics, and full moldboard trip design.

Super-Duty PlowsThe BOSS Super-Duty Plows are the perfect match for those who are looking for heavy-duty snow removal. This durable steel straight blade also features the baked-on powder-coat finish and zinc primer you find with the Standard-Duty, but goes a step further and includes reinforced moldboard, cast-iron plow shoes, and blade shock absorbers.

Trip-Edge PlowsThe toughest plow in the BOSS Plow line, the Trip-Edge Snowplows can push through even the heaviest snow and obstacles. With four adjustable trip return springs for customizable trip spring tension, and available in steel and stainless steel, the Trip-Edge Plows are perfect for your pickup truck. Features include a chainless hydraulic lift, trip-edge design, enclosed hydraulics, and cast-iron plow shoes.

V XT PlowsAnother option for those who are looking for a V-plow is the BOSS XT. This plow features a full moldboard trip design, flared blade wings, a superslick polyethylene surface (Poly XT) or durable steel with a baked-on powder-cat paint finish and zinc primer, enclosed hydraulics, and a chainless hydraulic lift.

Salt Spreaders

VBX Spreaders Our fast-growing family of VBX spreaders are fully featured for ease of use and maximum productivity for years of operation in harsh winter conditions. The newest addition to the lineup is the VBX 6500, which performs just as powerfully and reliably as the others in a mid-sized package. The VBX family features models with both pintle and auger feeds, powerful electric motors, standard work lights, easy-to-use controls and the flexibility to spread a variety of deicing materials. Features include corrosion-Resistant Poly Hopper with 1.5, 2 & 3 cubic yards of capacity, stainless Steel Motor with planetary drive worm gear box, fully Adjustable Urethane Spinner with sealed motor compartment for durability and maximum adjustability and spreading efficiency.

Tailgate Spreaders BOSS tailgate-mounted spreaders attach easily and disperse deicing materials quickly and efficiently to make your job as smooth and steady as possible. All TGS Spreaders are built heavy-duty to handle harsh conditions quickly and efficiently, because BOSS knows the faster you can RESTORE ORDER to your community, the better. Benefits include a low Profile Design Poly Hopper is designed so that your vision is not obstructed, solid Poly Hopper Cover is designed to last longer and prevent moisture from entering the hopper, top Screen with Bag Splitter easily opens bags and filters deicing material, and an enclosed 12-Volt Electric High-Torque Motor completely sealed and enclosed.

All BOSS Plows come with a 2-year limited warranty, giving you peace of mind while going up against any kind of winter Mother Nature throws your way. If you’d like to learn more about any of these great plows, simply click the links we’ve provided above, or feel free to contact the Eagle Power Turf & Tractor team at 215-348-9041.