BCS Harvester Series

3 BCS Tractor Options

Spring is just around the corner, and many of us are looking forward to working on our lawns and gardens, and maybe searching for the perfect tools to help us complete the job.

Today we’ll present some of our favorite tools from BCS for working on outdoor tasks and projects. BCS is the largest manufacturer of two-wheel drive tractors and attachments in Europe, and we were fortunate to have them come to America in the early 1970s.

Since then, BCS America has grown substantially, and through the quality of their product and support team has grown to over 700 servicing dealers, four regional distributors, and a national headquarters in Oregon. Eagle Power Turf and Tractor is happy to be one of the servicing dealers for these great products. Learn more about them below.

Harvester Series

Featuring three different tractor models, the Harvester Series is perfect for customers who only need a limited number of attachments. Ranging from 5.7 to 8 horsepower, the Harvester Series has two working speeds in both directions and a third transport speed in its rear-mount “tiller” mode. The straight axle these models feature is perfect for constant positive traction.

Professional Series

bcs professional series For a little more power, versatility, and attachment variety, move up to the professional series from BCS. All models feature differential drive to make turning a breeze, and all but the smallest model offer three working speeds in both directions. Models 749 and up also offer individual wheel brakes on each handlebar.

Three of these models are known as “PowerSafe (PS)” models, which means they feature a “wet” clutch that runs in an oil bath to provide a longer clutch life, safer operation, and smoother shifting.

The largest of the Professional Series, model 750, is designed for commercial agricultural applications, and is the only model that can power the largest 33” tiller.

Specialty Series

BCS Specialty Series If you’re looking to fill a specific need with your tractor, the specialty series is designed with you in mind. Each of the three models performs well in specific situations. The model 660 Hydrostatic is great for mowing slopes and other front-mount commercial applications. The model 620 Max is designed to power only front-mount attachments. Model 852’s unique feature is the transport speed is in front-mount “mowing” mode.

With dozens of attachments, the BCS tractor line features unmatched versatility and performance that fit your needs. Be sure to check out the BCS attachments for gardening, mowing, snow removal, and more, or contact us to learn more about or purchase a BCS tractor. You can reach us by phone at 215-348-9041.