It’s Time to Sharpen Your Mower Blade!

man in sunglasses mowing with a ferris mower We’re winding down on a cold and damp winter, and everyone’s looking forward to a warm, sunny spring. Every weekend more and more people are showing up in local garden centers, preparing for that first hint of a nice weekend to start their yard work.

Whether it’s mulching, weeding, mowing or other landscaping tasks, there are some steps you can take to be ready once spring has finally “sprung.” One of those important steps should be the sharpening of your lawn mower blade, and today we want to highlight why this is important for a green and healthy lawn.

First of all, how do you know if your blade needs to be sharpened? Here are three quick ways:

  1. You don’t remember the last time you sharpened it. You should be sharpening your blade at least once a season for small lawns, and two to three times a season for larger ones.
  2. There are patches or unevenness when you mow. A sharp blade will leave the grass at a perfect, even height with each pass. Inspect the blade and make sure there aren’t any dents or chips. Small dents can be sharpened out, but larger areas of damage may necessitate a blade replacement.
  3. The grass looks torn. Do a quick inspection of the grass after mowing. Do the tips of the grass look white, torn or uneven? A dull blade beats the grass rather than cutting it.

Does your lawn mower blade pass the test? There are a number of reasons why your blade should be sharp each time you mow. Benefits of using a sharp blade greatly outweigh the cost of sharpening, and include:

  • Clean cuts that minimize risk of pests or diseases attacking your lawn. If the mower blade tears your grass, it’s much more susceptible to insects and disease than if the blade cleanly cut through it.
  • A sharp blade is easier on the mower. Clean cuts produce less drag on the engine, and reduce the tendency to stall in tall grass.
  • You’ll use less gas, and who doesn’t love saving money on fuel?

They best part is, blade sharpening and even replacement is a low-cost maintenance item that is easy to perform! So take a look at your lawn mower, and if you’re in need of our blade sharpening expertise, stop by Eagle Power Turf & Tractor here at 697 N Main St, Doylestown. We’ll be happy to sharpen your lawn mower blade, and we also can sharpen mulching or Bush Hog blades, and chain saw chains.