3 Great Gravely Options

gravely mower If you’re familiar with Gravely, you already know comfort and precision are at the core of every product they create. They’ve been around for over 100 years, and with their obvious dedication to quality and innovation, it’s hard to imagine they won’t be around for 100 more.

Gravely offers products in three distinct categories:

  1. Stand-On Mowers – For those looking for quick maneuvering and intuitive operator features, Gravely’s Pro-Stance mowers are stand-on mowers that feature an easy to adjust deck that ranges from 36 to 60 inches depending on your model. The flip-up suspension platform provides comfort to stand on, or folds up if you prefer to walk behind. A height adjustment system makes it more convenient for shorter mower operators. Gravely stand-on mowers have ground speeds of 8/3 mph for the 36” deck model, and 9/4 mph for all other models. These speedy machines will mow between 2.9 and 5.5 acres an hour. (Please note, we usually do not stock stand-on mowers but can order them.)

  1. Walk-Behind Equipment– Adaptable to any terrain, Gravely walk-behind equipment offers precision and durability to easily tackle the toughest jobs.
    1. Power Brush – Gravely’s walk-behind Power Brush clears anything you throw its way. Dirt, grime, gravel, sand, snow, slush, salt and more will be cleared all the way to the ground with its pivoting brush and height adjustment system.
    2. Pro-QXT – If versatility is what you desire, it’s hard to beat the Gravely Pro-QXT. The quick-attach system allows you to go from a blade, brush or snow blower to finish or brush mower easily.
    3. Pro-Walk Gear – These commercial lawn mowers require minimal maintenance and feature maximum performance. With a deck size of 32, 36, or 48” and a 5.4 mph ground speed, you can mow 1.7, 2, or 2.6 acres an hour. The 7-gauge deck, adjustable handlebars, and ergonomic controls make it easier on your crew.
    4. Pro-Walk Hydro – If you need a bit more power than the Pro-Walk Gear can offer, than the Pro-Walk Hydro may be more to your liking. This commercial mower features intuitive steering, a wide wheel base, and single-point height of cut that is adjustable in .25-inch increments. Deck sizes for the Pro-Walk Hydro range from 36-60” with a ground speed of 8/3 mph, and they can mow 4.3 acres an hour.
  2. Zero-Turn Mowers – The Gravely Zero-Turn lineup features ten different models and a range of accessories. Quickly go from mower to mulcher, or add a bagger, sunshade or other great accessories. The fully tubular frame design, designed deck leveling, and constant belt tension system are just a few features you won’t want to miss. Deck sizes range from 34 to 72 inches.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these great Gravely product options, including Gravely Mowers, call us at 215-348-9041 or stop by Eagle Power Turf & Tractor, and we’ll be happy to match you with the perfect machine. Promotional offers are available on Gravely’s website.