Choosing Essential Equipment for Your Farm

Over the years, farming has become more and more technology-driven. Now, mechanization accounts for roughly 25% of operating costs on a farm. With so much money going toward equipment, you should know exactly what you need to keep your farm not only operational, but profitable. We’ve compiled a list of important pieces of equipment and how each one can be utilized to its full potential on your farm.

Identifying Your Farms Exact Needs

The most important factor in determining important equipment is realizing your immediate needs. Understanding what equipment will best serve your business is imperative; otherwise, you’ll be buying tools you don’t need, only to resell them for less than you originally paid.

Ask yourself some questions before you start buying equipment. Some good examples are:

  • How much land do you own? Will you be mowing, cultivating, or fertilizing?
  • Will you be working with animals, or only the land?
  • Are you doing light, medium, or heavy-duty work?

Define What Farm Equipment Options Are Available

If you’re new to farming, there’s a lot of equipment out there that you may not even know you need. Additionally, there could be equipment that you think is crucial to farming that really doesn’t apply to you. There are several categories of equipment, including:

  • Compact Tractors
  • Tractor Implements
  • Harvesting Equipment
  • Pick-up Trucks

Compact Tractorsan orange kubota tractor sitting on grass

Compact tractors are the most widely recognized pieces of farm equipment on the market today. They are incredibly versatile; whether you are tending specifically to crops, raising livestock, or simply hauling larger pieces of equipment, compact tractors are the go-to tool to get it all done.

Tractor Implements

Without any attachments, compact tractors are generally only good for hauling. The correct attachments for your farm are crucial; without the right pieces, you won’t get far. Popular tools include tillers, seeders, mowers, balers, sprayers, and spreaders.

Harvesting Equipment

If you live in Central Pennsylvania, you’ve seen the Amish farmers using their manual harvesting tools day in and day out. Fortunately, there is much more efficient technology on the market these days. Harvesting equipment is extremely expensive, though, and research shows that unless a farmer is using his harvester for more than 300 hours a year, the price may be a bit too much to pay.

Pickup Trucks

A farmer’s truck is often his best friend. While a pickup truck will never truly replace a tractor, today’s technology is making trucks faster and stronger than ever before. For light, medium, or heavy-duty assignments, there’s bound to be a truck for you. Once you determine the hauling power you need, the day-to-day uses for the truck, passenger count, etc., you can start shopping for your perfect truck.

As always, trying out the equipment you are looking to purchase is key. Since you will likely be spending long hours in the space while operating it, pay close attention to how you feel. Need help deciding which equipment is right for your farm? Give Eagle Power Turf & Tractor a call at 215-348-9041 today and we will be happy to help!