Kubota L4701

Get Your Tractor Ready for Spring!

We know the weather is a bit unsure of itself right now, but spring is definitely around the corner. You know what that means – it’s time to start getting your equipment ready for the season! Your tractor has been sitting in storage for months, while its parts weathered the cold without budging an inch.

Now it’s heating up, and your tractor will need some maintenance before taking on the daunting task of prepping your farm for harvest. Here are some standard maintenance items that should be performed before you even turn the key.

Check Your Fluids

Over the winter, water may have condensed in your tractor’s engine, transmission, and hydraulic fluid chambers. Checking the fluids for purity is essential, as running your equipment with water in the fluids can lead to premature failure or overheating.

Hit the Brakes

Brakes rust very quickly when equipment sits for long periods of time. Even if they aren’t exposed to the elements and are kept in a shed or barn, brakes should be thoroughly checked and tested before use. Adjust them according to the manual and make sure they’re in full working order before ever hitting the gas.

Tighten your Belt

Belts have a tendency to become brittle and cracked when exposed to prolonged cold temperatures. Always be sure to check them before firing up your tractor; if the belts are worn, stretched, or cracked, replace them. This will reduce slipping and avoid a potential belt snap, which can seriously damage the internal components of your tractor.

Cool It

Check all of the rubber and plastic parts for cracks due to cold, especially your cooling system. Cracks in the cooling system from freezing can cause leaks, leading to overheating and damage to the engine. This problem can become expensive very quickly, so performing a maintenance check can save you from writing a much bigger check later in the season when the engine overheats.

Fuel Up

Standard maintenance dictates that equipment should never sit in the cold without gas in the tank. However, leaving the equipment idle all winter will mean that the gas left in the tank will likely have gone flat, unless you added a stabilizer at the beginning of the winter. Resolve this problem by draining the fuel tank and refueling with fresh gas.

At Eagle Power Turf & Tractor, we want to see your equipment last for years to come. Following these simple startup tips will help keep your equipment running smoothly through more harvests. Remember, we offer service for your equipment! Looking to upgrade your equipment for the new season? We can help with that, too! Send us a message or give us a call at 215-348-9041. We look forward to hearing from you!