5 Benefits of a Zero-Turn Mower

Daylight savings time is officially a go – spring is finally here! Soon enough, it’ll be time to start mowing your lawn again, and what better way to kick off the season than with a brand-new zero-turn mower?

First of all – what’s a zero-turn mower? A zero-turn mower is a lawn mower that has a turning radius of zero. The secret to the zero-turn capabilities lies in the independent wheel motors, which allow the mower to turn on a dime. Now, here are five reasons why zero-turn motors are the ideal choice for any home or commercial property!

Shorter Mowing Timesorange zero-turn mower

On average, zero-turn mowers will cut your mowing time in half! This is thanks to the speedy turning capabilities and the overall increased speed of the mower as you maneuver around trees and houses for a quick, precise mow. Bonus: increased speeds mean less fuel consumption, meaning a lower average cost of ownership! Win-win!

Cleaner Mow Job

Yet another benefit of the zero-turn mower is a higher blade speed compared to a standard push or riding mower. This leaves your lawn a more consistent height and gives the grass a better cut, meaning a healthier, more beautiful lawn!

More Maneuverability

The dual wheel motors of a zero-turn mower allow the operator maximum maneuverability over standard riding mowers. With independently controlled wheels, drivers can forward, backward, left, or right just by moving your arms forward or backward. Activating just one motor at a time is what gives the mower its zero-turn effect.

Longer Lasting

Thanks to the shorter mowing time of the zero-turn mower, the engine isn’t running as long, which means that the mower will have less wear with the same number of mows.  Your zero-turn mower will last longer than a conventional riding mower by doing the same job!

More Fun!

Come on – you know you’d have more fun on a zippy, zero-turn mower than any other kind. Don’t believe us? Stop by Eagle Power Turf & Tractor and take one for a spin yourself! Questions or comments? Send us a message or give us a call at 215-348-9041 today!