Mobile Generators: Choosing Which is Right for your Job

Choosing the right mobile generator for your job can be a challenge. There are so many different generators from which you can choose – how can you be sure which will be the most cost-efficient, yet still get the job done?

Fortunately, we know a few good tips to ensure that you’re getting the absolute best equipment for your job while still being cost and energy efficient. As your local equipment supplier, trust us at Eagle Power Turf & Tractor to help you find the perfect generator for your project!

Choose the Right Wattage

Mobile generators have a rated output and a maximum output to be matched to your job. For the best results and the most energy-efficient generator, you’ll want to make sure that the rated and maximum outputs are just high enough to power the equipment, not excessively high. Make sure to add the wattage of all the equipment that will be hooked up simultaneously in order to determine the rated output capacity for the job.

Check the Run Time vs. Down Timegenerac industrial generator

An extremely important aspect of a generator is the run time without refueling. Choosing a generator with an extra-large fuel tank for long-running jobs or jobs with a crunched timeline that requires longer work days will work to your advantage. This way, you can keep your equipment running on the generator longer with less down time for refueling the generator. For 24-hour projects, an external fuel source can be an ideal solution for maximum run times.

Keep Noise Under Wraps

Many job sites have noise restrictions, but if you’re working in an area with more restrictions (such as residential or commercial areas) there may be stricter-than-usual noise standards. Make sure to check the local noise ordinances if you’re in a residential area. If your generator is going to be too noisy, but you need a high amount of power, choose a unit with extra sound dampening to comply with any regulations.

Regulate Your Power

In your project, you may need more power some days than others. Some generators have multiple voltage settings, with which you can jump back and forth to different power levels for increased flexibility. Generators that will be used to power large-scale equipment should have oversized, heavy-duty alternators to avoid surges upon startup.

At Eagle Power Turf & Tractor, we want to find the best mobile generator for every project. Need help getting started? Give us a call at 215-348-9041 or fill out our contact form – we’ll reach out to you with any information you need!