Economy vs. Utility Tractors: Which Is Right for Your Farm?

Tractors are the quintessential farm tool – versatile and strong, your tractor defines your farm. At Eagle Power Turf & Tractor, we recognize that not every tractor is right for every farm. That’s why we’re sure to provide tractors of all shapes and sizes for any farm, large or small.

We love each and every tractor that we stock; this is not a comparison to determine which style is better or worse. We simply want to outline the benefits of each tractor to help you best identify which Kubota product will serve you and your farm for years to come.

Economy Tractors – The MX Serieskubuto mx5200

Kubota is dedicated to engineering the perfect tractor for every farm. They understand that not every farm needs a heavy-duty tractor to meet their needs: thus, the MX Series was born. Compact yet robust, these tractors are available with either 2WD or 4WD and either Gear or HST transmission variations.

The powerful Kubota-designed diesel engine churns out up to 61 HP, making it one of the most powerful compact utility vehicles available on the market today. Hydrostatic steering and smooth maneuverability give the MX Series its user-friendly feel.

Multiple attachment options from a Cat II 3-point hitch means that you’ll be ready for anything your farm throws at you. From seeding to harvesting, Land Pride front and rear implements are there to help you maximize your daily productivity in comfort and style.

Utility Tractors – The M5 SeriesKubota M5-091 HDC

Comfort and style meet maximum power in the undisputed champion of everyday tractors, the Kubota M5 Series. The turbo-charged diesel engine packs up to 105 HP, making the M5 Series perfect for plenty of heavy-duty tasks.

Unmatched maneuverability allows for a low-maintenance machine, while the exceptional turning radius allows for the M5 Series to grab up those hard-to-reach places and attend to even more of your farm. Three transmission options ranging from F8 to F24 allow for the perfect amount of power and versatility on your farm, no matter how fast or slow you’re moving.

Finally, power meets comfort in the Ultra Grand Cab of the M5 Series. A full flat floor, tilt steering, and an ergonomic control board makes the M5 tractors the best in their class for complete comfort. A retractable sun shade shields you from damaging UV rays during those long days in the sunshine, and an optional air ride seat makes this the most comfortable tractor we’ve seen on the market.

Which tractor series is right for your farm? Still not sure? Our representatives are here to help! Give us a call at Eagle Power Turf & Tractor at 215-348-9041 or send us an email today to get our input. We look forward to hearing from you!