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An overall excellent service experience


Excellent lawn & garden dealer.- a well stocked Kubota dealer with many other lines. Professional, internet-friendly, not the lowest price, but they offer real service and a full parts department. Good people to deal with. Most of our local dealers are backed up - these folks are faster than that & if you bought the equipment there, you will be pleased with the response.


I took a log splitter with a kubota diesel engine here late on a thursday afternoon because it kept shutting off. They jumped right on it and diagnosed it as a faulty alternator, they immedietly pulled it off and installed a new altenator and battery to get me right out in under 1.5 hrs. On another occasion I had a problem with a stihl chain saw that they supplied instock parts for and offered to install them while I wait.


Weed wacker and chain saw glory!


We bought a tractor, a backhoe, a zero turn and my current lawn tractor from histands, oh and also a commercial duty weed wacker. Had zero problems with them, that is the equipment and the dealer. I love my kubota stuff, I recommend it every time I get to talking about this kind of stuff".


Just got back 3 pieces of equipment back from service and everything is running great! Thanks for the work and quick turnaround time.