New Equipment

a woman driving her new lawn and garden equipment - a red kubota tractor - out of the garage.

At Eagle Power Turf & Tractor, we come to work every day ready to help you buy and maintain the lawn care equipment you need to keep your business going strong.

Our friendly, knowledgeable sales team has over 60 years of sales experience in the residential and commercial industries. Our sales specialists will make every effort to find the best new lawn and garden equipment for your needs. Knowing that you have the right equipment for the job saves you time and money. Check out the links on the home page to see the many products we carry, then give us a call.


Hal Lauble, Equipment Specialist
#215-348-9041 Ext. 622

Ken Haas, Equipment Specialist
#215-933-8160 Mobile

Alex Wile , Equipment Specialist
#215-348-9041 Ext. 623


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