Buyers Salt Spreaders

Salt Spreaders Made in the USA

saltdogg spreader on the back of a pickup truck

Founded in 1946, Buyers Products Company hold the reputation for being durable and dependable. These products are designed and built with each and every customer in mind, as well as everyone these products will benefit. When it comes to road safety, trust the professionals at Buyers to get you where you need to go.

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  • Tailgate Spreaders
  • Pick Up Truck Hopper Spreaders (3/4 to 2 Cubic Yards)
  • Mid Size Hopper Spreaders (2.5 to 5.5 Cubic Yards)
  • Municipal Size Hopper Spreaders (6 Cubic Yards & Larger)
  • Under Tailgate Spreaders
  • Replacement Tailgate Spreaders
  • Walk Behind Spreaders
  • Anti-Ice Systems
  • Spreader Parts & Accessories
  • Municipal Dump Spreaders
  • Spreader Pre-Wet Systems
saltdogg spreader
saltdogg spreader